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What is the goal of Iran's maneuvers on fake aircraft carrier in Strait of Hormuz?


Satellite imagery showed that in recent days, Iran designed a fictitious stereoscopic version of an American aircraft carrier and transferred it to the waters of the Strait of Hormuz, on Sunday, for use in maneuvers, Al-Arabiya Arabic reported.


And the Iranian daily "Hamshahri", in a report on Monday, considered that the aim of these maneuvers is to respond to an American fighter friction with the Iranian "Mahan" plane over the sky of Syria last Friday.

According to the Associated Press, which published pictures of the dummy aircraft carrier, Iran intends to use it in combat maneuvers, such as launching surface-to-air missiles and land-to-sea missiles.

The photos show that the fictional aircraft carrier was first pushed by a speedboat and then towed by ship from Bandar Abbas port to the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran's move comes as a message to the American forces in the region, as tensions escalate between the two countries against the background of Iran moving its militias in the region to target American forces, and to continue violations in the nuclear and missile programs, as well as Tehran's threat to international waterways and targeting tankers and ships.

The move also shows that the Revolutionary Guards intend to conduct similar exercises for the "Great Prophet 9" maneuver conducted in March 2014, during which a stereotype of a US aircraft carrier was launched and targeted with four missiles.

During the exercise, the missiles did not lead to the sinking of the stereoscopic version, as the deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards made clear at the time that the replica would be used in various exercises and thus was built in a manner that "could not be drowned".

Deadly mistakes during the maneuvers
However, the Iranian naval exercises in the Arabian Gulf waters portend fatal errors similar to what happened on May 10, when 19 officers and soldiers were killed during a naval frustration of a "Kanark" missile that was said to have been fired "accidentally" from a destroyer of the Iranian army during military exercises in Bahr. Oman.

The Iranian authorities have not provided any explanations for the cause of the accident, which Iranian military sources said was caused by "friendly fire" during a naval exercise that killed 19 sailors and wounded 15 others.

Iranian media reported at the time that the accident might have been caused by a defect in the missile system or a malfunction in the missile that was fired from the "Jamaran" destroyer during naval military training.