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Israel may attack Iranian nuclear websites using new F-35 fighters

Israel has taken the first steps in acquiring giant fuel tankers from the United States, in a move that appears to increase the ability of the Israeli Air Force to hit distant targets, especially in light of the worn out tankers it currently owns.

The American website "National Interest" said in a report entitled "We know how Israel will use F-35 fighters to destroy Iran", that the giant fuel tankers will help achieve this goal "if the Israelis want it."

The site indicated that the most modern fighters in the world known as "ghost", in addition to fuel tankers, will enhance the ability of the Israeli Air Force to bomb distant targets.

He continued: "If Israel wants to bomb Iran, the American government has made it easier."

The US State Department had agreed to Israel's request to purchase 8 KC45E Pegasus refueling aircraft, which serve as an air refueling station.

The deal includes acquiring $ 2.4 billion in equipment, spare parts and training, and the first of these aircraft is expected to arrive in Israel, as announced in 2023.

"These sales support US foreign policy and national security for the United States, as it will strengthen the capacity of Israel," said Washington's ally in the Middle East.

"Refueling in the air and the strategic airlift were in the past a weak point for our allies," the agency said, adding that aircraft sales improved Israel's national security situation.
Last Modified: Sunday، 26 July 2020 09:42 PM