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Iran supreme court upholds death sentence for five protesters

Iran Supreme Court has upheld the death sentences of five men who were arrested by security forces during the December 2017 and January 2018 protests.

The names of the five people whose death sentences have been upheld by the Supreme Court in Isfahan are: Mehdi Salehi Ghale Shahrokhi, Mohammad Bastami, Majid Nazari Kondori, Hadi Kiani and Abbas Mohammadi.

Some sources say each of the men has received two death sentences for the charges of “waging war against God” and “baghi (taking arms against the government)”.

This came nearly one month after the Head of the Justice Department of Isfahan Province on June 26 said eight individuals were sentenced for “corruption on earth”, a charge carrying the death sentence according to Iran’s Islamic Penal Code.

Mohammad-Reza Habibi who was speaking at a Friday prayer sermon did not mention any details about these cases or which protests the defendants had participated in but warned Iranians that if major protesters such as in 2009, January 2018 and November 2019 erupt again, we will “deal decisively with rioters”.

Iran Supreme Court recently upheld the death sentences against three young men for participating in the nationwide protests in November 2019 in Tehran.
However, the regime’s judiciary was forced to temporarily halt the executions and said its chief would consider any request from the men to review their sentences.

Lawyers for the three men also were reportedly told that they could for the first time examine the court papers and evidence against their clients.

The Iranian regime has sentenced many protesters to heavy prison terms, lashes, and even death to prevent further protests.