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Kurdistan Interior Ministry Reveals Details on Dalia Mahmoud’s Case

Kurdistan Region’s Interior Ministry has revealed the outcomes of a detailed investigation into the case of Dalia Mahmoud, the niece of a Syrian Kurdish politician who recently handed herself in to the Turkish authorities. Dalia Mahmoud, who previously served as a member of the Syrian Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), was said to have been hand over to Turkey after she traveled to Kurdistan Region for medical treatments. However, the KRG soon refuted the report and called the accusations “baseless”. In a statement on Wednesday, KRG’s interior ministry said they had obtained details on Dalia’s illegal trip from Kurdistan Region to Turkey before she voluntarily handed in herself to the Turkish authorities. The statement explains that Dalia had crossed the border with the help of Bayar Ahmed, a tradesman from Duhok who had also sponsored Daliya’s residence permit in Kurdistan Region. According to a previous statement, Daliya had escaped the YPJ together with a man (a former member of the People’s Protection Units or YPG) with whom she had a romantic relationship. The two first traveled to Kurdistan Region, from where Salami Yilmaz, Daliya’s boyfriend, returned to Turkey and left Daliya at Bayar Ahmed’s home, whom the Yilmaz family trusted. “At the request of Yilmaz family, Bayar sends Daliya to Turkey via a smuggler introduced by the family,” reads the statement, noting that Bayar has confirmed that the Yilmaz family had informed him about a plan for Salami and Daliya to hand in themselves in Dersim. The interior ministry of Kurdistan Region emphasized that the personal issues should not become a means for political tentions, and that it is ready to even further investigate the case if required.