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Iraqi Trucks Delivering Logistic Support to US Forces Hit by Roadside Bombings

A convoy of Iraqi trucks carrying logistic support for the US forces in the country were targeted by two roadside bombings on Wednesday. "Two explosive devices blew up a tire on an Iraqi truck carrying logistical support for the American forces on the Al-Bathaa road in Dhi Qar province,” Anadolu Agency quoted an Iraqi police source. There were no casualties but material damage to some of the trucks and their load, the report said. Less than two weeks ago, a group of unidentified gunmen stopped another convoy of trucks carrying military equipment for the US and Coalition forces in Diwaniyah, and set fire to the trucks. The US forces are often threatened by Iran-backed Shia militias, including the Iraqi Hezbollah. They are also often blamed for regular rocket attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad.