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Turkey Continues Bombarding Kurdistan Region Borders

The Turkish army is bombarding Kurdistan Region border areas for the third day in a row, said a local official in Duhok province.

Ankara has recently launched a large-scale operation deep into Kurdistan Region territories against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Head of the local administration of Deraluka, Amedi district of Duhok, told BasNews on Tuesday that the Turkish bombardments have caused massive damages to the welfare of the people in the border villages.

“The bombardments continue for the third consecutive day, and they have destroyed multiple farmlands and pastures in the area,” Sami Oshana said.

Out of 57 villages within the administration of Deraluka subdistrict, 45 have been already evacuated in fear of the continued clashes, Oshana added, noting that seven civilians have been killed in the past two years by the military conflicts between Turkey and PKK.

“Two locals have also gone missing since the beginning of the tensions.”

The official renewed a call on the PKK to remove its fighters from the civilian-populated areas as their presence attracts further bombardments.