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Salih: Anti-ISIS efforts to continue until all remnants are eliminated


Iraq's President Barham Salih stressed that our efforts will never be reduced until the remnants of ISIS, terrorism, crime and corruption in all its forms be totally eliminated. He underlined that we liberated Mosul, and recaptured cities and villages through our great sacrifices, the courage of brave people, the will, unity and cohesion of Iraqis.

In a statement on the third anniversary of liberation of Mosul, Salih stated that, "We will not be comfortable until the last displaced and immigrant could be returned home to enjoy stability and security and to live a life of dignity. We, therefore, will not rest until we reconstruct and bring the life back to the devastated cities."

Our victory against ISIS and the liberation of our cities put in front of all of us as people, government and national forces a huge responsibility to strengthen State institutions so as to restore confidence in the prestige of the State and reassure citizens, wherever they live, on their lives, their security and future of their children. He added.

The President praised the role of religious authority in this confrontation and in achieving victory. He appreciated the support of the peoples and Governments of friendly Nations by providing the logistical, intelligence and air support to our security forces.