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Rasoul congratulates Iraqis on anniversary of Mosul liberation


The spokesman of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Colonel Yahya Rasoul, today congratulated the Iraqi people and the people of Nineveh Governorate on the occasion of the third anniversary of the liberation of Mosul from Daesh terrorist gangs.

  Rasoul said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "We extend the highest congratulatory verses and blessings to all the Iraqi people, especially the people of Mosul, on the occasion of the third anniversary of liberation."

 And he added, "Had it not been for the blood of the noble martyrs and wounded heroes, the city of Mosul, which had a bitter and violent fight with the most notorious terrorist organization on the face of the earth, was fought by our joint segments of the army, the interior, the PMF and tribal crowds, the federal police forces, the rapid reaction forces, and with support from all other types of support as well our Air Force and International Alliance. "

Last Modified: Tuesday، 14 July 2020 02:17 AM