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Pentagon denies any attack that targeted American interests in Iraq

The Pentagon spokesman’s office said, in a statement that the ministry is not aware of any attack that targeted American interests in Iraq, particularly in the Diwaniyah region and its surroundings, as mentioned in some media reports.

And Iraqi media reported that gunmen set fire to Iraqi tankers “carrying American equipment” on a highway between Samawah and Diwaniyah in southern Iraq.

A police source said that “gunmen traveling in pickups forced the tankers carrying various loads, including five furniture containers and 3 military wheels, to stop and lower their drivers, then set fire to the tankers, and withdrew to an unknown destination.”

Electronic accounts close to the Iraqi militias claimed, “targeting an American convoy in the area between Al Hamza and Sumer in Diwaniya province on the international highway.”

In a statement, The Eastern Herald not able to authenticate, a faction affiliated with the Iraqi Hezbollah militia claimed responsibility for the attack.

Iraq is witnessing tension between the new Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, and the Iraqi militias, against the background of his announcement to seek to bring the armed factions under state control.
The most recent episode of this conflict was the killing of a militant specialist, Hisham al-Hashimi, who had received threats from Iraqi militia leaders, days before his death.