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Scores of Christian Families Displaced as Turkey-PKK Clashes Escalate in Duhok

Scores of Christian families have been forced to flee their villages due to the ongoing armed conflicts between Turkey and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Kurdistan Region’s Duhok province, an official said. Turkey has recently stepped up its military operations deep into Kurdistan Region borders near Zakho and Amedi districts of Kurdistan Region, saying that it is removing the PKK guerrillas which are seen by Ankara as a threat to Turkey’s national security. However, the war has displaced hundreds of civilian families from the villages along the border, among them are more than 40 Christian families, according to Faros Yohanna, a member of Duhok Provincial Council. “Over 40 Christian families have abandoned their homes in the villages around Zakho to find shelter in central Zakho, Birsive, Batifa, and Hizawa subdistricts,” Yohanna told BasNews. “We call on Turkey and the PKK to take their war outside our borders as their violence results in another ordeal for our people,” He added. Since the beginning of the new operations by the Turkish army inside Kurdistan Region, at least seven civilians have been killed and several others were injured. The war has also resulted in the evacuation of dozens of villages where material damages to civilian properties have been reported.