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Iraq has right to counter Turkey’s attacks and defend its lands


On Thursday, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry stated that there is no coordination between Iraq and Turkey regarding military operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), announcing Iraq’s right to respond to the Turkish violations if it continued, the official spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Al-Sahaf said.

He added, “We strongly condemn and reject the provocative unilateral military attacks by Turkey."

Sahaf pointed out that the Turkish attacks will contribute to increasing the pace of escalation on the border line between the two countries.

He called on the international community to take its role in supporting Iraq’s right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He said that all international laws guarantee Iraq the right to respond to the Turkish aggressive actions against the Iraqi sovereignty.


On the other hand, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that “Ankara is determined to take all necessary measures within the framework of the principle of self-defense emanating from international law, against the destructive activities coming from Iraqi lands, which threaten its borders, security and stability.”