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Turkey, Russia, Iran Planning to Push Kurds Out of Several Strategic Towns in NE Syria

Turkey, Russia and Iran are leading a plan in favor of the Syrian regime which aims at ousting the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) out of several strategic towns in north and east of Syria, a source said, according to Basnews.

Speaking to BasNews on condition of anonymity, the source explained that representatives of Russia, Turkey and Iran have recently met and agreed on a plan to push the SDF out of Kobani, Ain Issa, Manbij, and Raqqa.

The three regional players, which all have a strong presence in Syria, are working to handover these areas to the Syrian Regime if the US remains silent, the source added.

To implement the plan, “the Russians and Iranians have given Turkey the green light to increase its military pressure on the SDF in these areas”.

According to the source, the same “catastrophic scenario” of Afrin is likely to happen in these areas where the Syrian regime eyes to take back.

“Therefore, the SDF believes that Turkey could launch another operation in Kobani, Ain Issa or Minbij to force the Kurds out and give the Syrian regime an excuse to move in.”

However, according to the source, Russia, Turkey and Iran cannot proceed with the plan without Washington’s approval, which is not given yet.

“The fate of the aforementioned regions depends on the reaction of Washington to the trilateral deal… However, the United States payed a great attention to the oil-rich regions, not the ones in target of this plot of Russia, Turkey, and Iran.”