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Baghdad calls for ‘immediate end’ to Turkish offensive in Kurdistan Region

The spokesperson for Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi condemned Ankara for its ongoing military operation across the north of the country in a strongly worded statement released Saturday evening. 

"We strongly reject and condemn these actions that harm the close, long-standing relations between the two friendly nations,"  Ahmed Mulla Talal wrote in a statement published to Telegram, urging  for "an immediate" halt of Ankara's offensive.

Turkey began fresh air and ground military operations in the Kurdistan Region and disputed territories in mid-June, with the stated aim of removing suspected Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets from the area. Five civilians have been confirmed killed by Turkish airstrikes.

Talal described Turkey's offensive as "detrimental" to "regional peace," accusing Ankara of violating Iraqi sovereignty.

Iraq's foreign ministry previously summoned the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad, but has failed to halt Turkey's offensive.

The spokesperson says Iraq has already sent two letters to Turkey's ambassador to Iraq, and says Baghdad will be forced to resort to “international law” to stop Ankara. 

"We hold the Turkish side responsible for the legal and moral responsibility for all the human and material losses that occur,” he added.

Turkey's offensive, according to the statement, violates "the stability, territorial integrity and security of its [Iraqi] people."

Scores of villages in the Kurdistan Region border areas have been emptied amid years of Turkish airstrikes.