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Clashes Erupt Between PKK and Turkish Army in Kurdistan`s Duhok



Fresh direct clashes reportedly erupted on Friday between the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Turkish forces in Kurdistan Region's Duhok province, a report said.

Speaking to Kurdistan 24, Zeravan Musa, the head of Darkar sub-district, in Duhok province, pointed out that the clashes were reported in Darkar sub-district, Zakho district, Duhok province, on Friday morning.

The military confrontation occurred between the PKK fighters and a unit of the Turkish airborne forces, Musa, said, noting that the two sides used "light and heavy weapons" during the clash.

Following the incident, the Turkish army shelled the area, with no casualties confirmed yet according to the official.

Turkey has lately begun a new operation against the PKK in Kurdistan Region's border areas as there is a decades-long military confrontation between the two sides over the Kurdish question in the country.