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Iraq Condemns Turkish Airstrikes against PKK in Kurdistan Region

Iraq’s Joint Operations Command has condemned the Sunday night’s airstrikes by Turkey against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Kurdistan Region.

Turkish warplanes overnight on Sunday carried out a large-scale aerial operation to target multiple positions of the PKK in Sinjar, Akre, Qandil, and the refugee camp of Makhmour, reportedly injuring three people.

“We deplore the penetration of Iraqi airspace by the Turkish planes, which happened yesterday, Sunday, June 14, 2020, by (18) Turkish planes heading towards (Sinjar-Makhmur-Al-Gwer-Erbil) to reach the district of Sharqat at a depth of 193 km from the Turkish border inside the Iraqi airspace and targeted a refugee camp near Makhmour and Sinjar,” reads the statement.

Calling the airstrikes as “provocative action”, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command reminded that violating Iraq’s airspace is not in line with the principles of good neighbors and the international laws.

“Therefore, such actions are seen as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.”

Iraq called on Turkey to avoid such violations in the future and, instead, coordinate the efforts with Iraq to secure the border areas.