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Peshmerga, Coalition Forces Kill 15 IS Militants

Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga fighters jointly with the US-led Coalition Forces have managed to kill 15 militants of the Islamic State (IS) in Qarachukh mountain over the past 48 hours, a Peshmerga commander confirmed on Friday.

The jihadists were killed during a joint operation carried out by the Peshmerga and coalition forces in Mount Qarachukh of the disputed Kurdish town of Makhmour, Peshmerga commander of Makhmour-Gwer frontline, Sirwan Barzani, said in a Facebook statement.

"In a joint operation by Peshmerga and Coalition Special Forces, 15 ISIS terrorists were killed within the past 48 hours, east of Qerechukh Mountain," he said.

Kurdish officials and military experts have repeatedly warned of a serious IS resurgence in various areas in Iraq, especially in the territories disputed between Erbil and Baghdad.