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Kurdistan Eases Coronavirus Lockdown, Allows Conditional Reopening of Markets

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has decided to relax the new coronavirus lockdown and allow the reopening of the markets conditionally, Interior Minister Rebar Ahmed said on Tuesday.

Following a sharp spike in the COVID-19 cases across the Kurdistan Region in the past week, the KRG on Monday introduced a 6-day traffic ban between cities as well as closure of the entire market and public places.

However, it relaxed the measures with regards to the markets, saying they will be re-opened starting from 18:00 on Wednesday, 3rd June.

Interior Minister Ahmed told reporters after a meeting with governors of the Kurdish provinces that the KRG is sparing no effort in fighting the further spread of the novel virus, and it, meanwhile, is looking for possible ways to limit the economic repercussions of the pandemic on the local businesses.

According to the new order, the traffic ban between cities and provinces of Kurdistan remain in place until 12:00 midnight on 6th June.

The Interior Minister also warned against any attempt to undermine the government measures and risk the public health for “political interests”. He noted that protecting Kurdistan against COVID-19 is the top priority for the KRG now, and it should be the top priority for all the political parties.