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State of Law Coalition announces non-voting for Al-Kadhimi’s government

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The State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki announced on Sunday that it had not voted for Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kazimi in the Council of Representatives.

The State of Law coalition said in a statement which, PUKmedia obtained a copy of it: "We made great efforts with the rest of the political blocs to form the new government, in order to address the major challenges facing Iraq in the economic, security and health fields. during the negotiations, mechanisms were agreed upon choosing the candidates for the new government, and the Prime Minister-designate deals with all political blocs in one approach."

"However, the path of forming the government began to take a different course from what was agreed upon, which called us to make additional efforts to correct options and nominate candidates with competence, integrity and leadership capabilities from sincere energies in Iraqi society.

The path and the formation that Prime Minister-designate presented to the political blocs contradicts the aspirations of the Iraqi people, as it includes a number of candidates who did not meet the required specifications of competence, integrity and acceptability," the statement added.

"The State of Law coalition announces on this basis that it did not participate in the formation of this government and did not vote for it in the Council of Representatives, and leaves the option to the rest of the members of the Council to take the appropriate decision in this regard," the statement explained.