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Iran condemns German ban on Hezbollah, warns of 'consequences'

Abbas Mousavi

Iran has angrily reacted to the designation of Tehran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah as a terrorist group in Germany, but the reaction has been limited regardless of the strongly worded statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani were not observed to react to the designation and the ban on the activities of Hezbollah in Germany on April 30.

In his statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi "strongly condemned the German government’s decision as a measure serving the objectives of the U.S and the Zionist regime of Israel."

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry's official website, "Mousavi vehemently condemned the German government’s move to accuse the Lebanese Hezbollah of promoting armed struggle with terrorist means."

Mousavi said: “The German government’s decision has been made with a complete disrespect for the Lebanese government and nation, as Hezbollah is an official and legitimate part of that country’s government and parliament and has always been an influential political party in the arena of creating political stability in that country."

Meanwhile, the Iranian official threatened that the German government must be held accountable for the negative consequences of its decision on the fight against the true terrorist groups in the region.”