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Kadhimi Vows to Accept Only "What is in True Interest of Iraq"

Iraqi PM-designate Mustafa al-Kadhmi has made it clear that he will "only accept what is in the true interest of Iraq," vowing to reject any pressure aiming at undermining the formation of his cabinet.

In a statement published on his Twitter account, Kadhmi pointed out that Iraq is nowadays suffering from various issues, among which are economic, health, and security challenges, to which he said to find solutions.

"Iraq faces economic, health and security challenges. I will form a cabinet to tackle these crises and find solutions," the premier-designate said. "I will only accept what is in the true interest of Iraq, and reject any pressure aimed at undermining it."

This comes while the major Shia factions have already rejected Kadhmi's proposed cabinet list.

He further added that "we should all prioritize what is best for our country."