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Names of ministerial candidates in Kadhimi's cabinet revealed


A list of names circulated revealed Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kadhimi's candidates for the ministries.


Hesham Salah Dawoud will be the candidate for the Oil Ministry, Razan Mohammed will take the Ministry of Municipalities, Jassem Al-Assady will take Ministry of Water Resources, Khaled Battaal will take the Ministry of Planning, Kadhim Al-Sahlani will take the Ministry of Labor and Hashem Al-Shididi will take the Ministry of Culture.


Concerning sovereign minstry, Muzahim al-Tamimi will be in charge of the Interior Ministry, Hareth Hussein will take the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Khalid Shawani will take the Ministry of Justice.


Also, the Ministry of Education candidate is Muzahim al-Khayat or Fallah Mahmoud Ahmed, Ministry of Electricity candidate is Adnan Al-Zurfi, Ministry of Higher Education candidate is Ibrahim Bahr Al-Oloum, Ministry of Finance candidate is Fouad Hussein and Ministry of Agriculture candidate is Mohamed Al-Soudani,