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Foreign Ministry: We returned 4462 Iraqis stranded in several countries


The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday it managed to coordinate the return of about 4462 people from different countries of the world, including: Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, India, Russia, Belarus, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and our embassies are still gathering the numbers of those who want to return until they are all evacuated.

Today an incoming flight from Saudi Arabia is carrying 166 persons, two flights from Cairo carrying 324, and a fourth flight from Malaysia with 349 to return the Iraqis stranded there.

Our embassy in Amman will also evacuate 115 Iraqis from Anbar who were stranded in Jordan by land, in addition to that, our embassy in Kuwait coordinated with the competent authorities there to transfer 166 Iraqis soon.

5 deaths were recorded, among the Iraqi community caused by Coronavirus, 4 in UK and 1 in Sweden. And 18 new cases of infection, 10 in Sweden, 7 in UK , and one in Russian Federation for the Iraqi community with Coronavirus.
The total number of Iraqi community infected worldwide is (243), distributed as follows:

US 40
Norway 37
Germany 24
Sweden 33
UK 20
• Canada 16
Jordan 15
Belgium 11
Denmark 10
Italy 7
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 4
France 6
Austria 5
Netherlands 5
Lebanon 2
Finland 1
Malaysia 1
Spain 1
Iran 1
Russia 1
The total number of deaths worldwide is (26) distributed as follows:
UK 13
Sweden 4
Germany 3
US 3
Netherlands 1
Belgium 1
Denmark 1
Recovery cases worldwide (52) distributed as follows:
Belgium 11
Sweden 9
Jordan 9
US 5
UK 5
Austria 4
Canada 4
Denmark 2
Iran 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Spain 1