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History of terrorist groups' cyperattack against Semitism and Arabs


During the Iraqi war against ISIS terrorist group, social media companies requested assistance to monitor the accounts of those terrorists and delete their posts.

A sectarian terrorist gang took advantage of this issue to control the Arabic section within the social media platforms to launch campaigns against Jews and Sunni Arabs.

Those terrorist cyber gangs deleted ISIS posts and left incitement against Semitism and Arabs.

They deleted any content that criticizes the Iranian regime on the pretext that it is a discourse of hostility and sectarianism.

The accounts of Shiite terrorist gangs, such as Houthi and Hezbollah, have not been deleted.

They left the content promoting terrorist face-slapping rituals and incitement to spread the Coronavirus.

They spread hostility against Jews and Arabs

This sectarian terrorist gang hired third-party companies and planted a number of lawyers loyal to the Iranian regime and the criminal Muslim Brotherhood organization.

Those gangs have also launched campaigns against Arab countries on the pretext of human rights.

Any content that attacks the grave terrorist Qassem Soleimani has been deleted while keeping accounts that encourage their speeches.

They are always trying to connect Sunni states only to terrorism and consider the Shiite sect as a victim to blackout the activity of their Shiite terrorist militias.

They carried out a cyberattack that closed 90 % of Facebook pages managed by Iraqi influencing figures who are against terrorism. It is a disastrous attack against the right of expression and new chapter of supporting terrorist Islamists and extremism.

In addition, they encouraged sectarian gangs in Europe and America to confront governments and incite their national security.

These gangs crept into the Arab section of social media, distorted translation and put codes for pro-Iranian gangs to move inside and attack Western countries.

All of this above was done under the cover of combating ISIS and exploiting the situation in favor of establishing the reputation of their militias against other sects and other religions and anti-Semitism in public.


The US administration and the counterterrorism division in the countries concerned must take action.