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MP says Iraqi PM-designate Zurfi will be replaced within hours

A Fatah Alliance Parliament Member on Sunday said a "semi-final" agreement was reached between the Shiite political blocs to replace Prime Minister-designate Adnan al-Zurfi within hours.

Theh MP said Zurfi will be replaced by an "unquestionable" alternative.

Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Adnan Zurfi presented his agenda Saturday to Parliament as government security forces clashed with protesters defying a government-imposed curfew, Voice of America reported.

More than a dozen Iraqi police reportedly were wounded when protesters in Nasiriya threw gasoline bombs at police, who were firing tear gas at them.

A long cortege of vehicles Saturday drove through the streets of the southern city, honking car horns to defy the curfew. Iraqi state TV had earlier showed security forces stopping vehicles and taking the temperatures of drivers to detect coronavirus cases.