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Rouhani asks other countries to ignore US sanctions, amid coronavirus threat


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has asked several heads of foreign governments for their help in breaking U.S. sanctions, considering the country’s coronavirus epidemic.

In a letter, Rouhani has underlined that “Managing such a great crisis and danger is not possible by any single country alone” especially if that country faces difficulties “in access to international financial markets” and to goods it needs.

According to foreign minister Javad Zarif, Rouhani in his letter has said that U.S. sanctions have created obstacles to the treatment of coronavirus patients. In a tweet about the Rouhani letter, Zarif says, “Viruses recognize no politics or geography. Nor should we”.

Iranian media also quote Zarif's tweet about Rouhani's letter and there is no information which countries were the recipients of the appeal.

Top Iranian officials have been raising the issue of U.S. sanctions in relation with the deadly epidemic that has engulfed the country killing hundreds.

U.S. President Donald Trump has offered several times to assist Iran against the disease, but Tehran has responded that these are simply public relations gestures and if the United States is serious, it should lift its economic sanctions.