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Salih congratulates Sabian Mandaean on Feast of Creation


Iraqi President Barham Salih congratulated the people of the Sabian Mandaean on the occasion of the Feast of Creation (Paruanaiia).


The following is the text of congratulations:

" I am writing today to extend my warmest congratulations and good wishes to all sons and brothers from the followers of Sabian Mandaean religion on the occasion of the Feast of Creation (Paruanaiia). 

Religious and cultural diversity in our country is a source of strength as it is an indication of the cohesion of our society with its inherent values to live in peaceful coexistence that brings us together over decades throughout the geography of our country from its north to its south.

We could reach our common goals, meet people's legitimate demands and achieve the desire reform by our unity, our solidarity and our endeavor.

Moreover, we have no choice but to believe and stick to the national unity and to establish values of fraternization, tolerance and cooperation to build Iraq on the foundations of freedom, equality, justice and democracy to ensure a better future for our next generations.

Your contributions with your brothers of our people to enrich the cultural heritage of our country are valued and appreciated.

Eid Mubarak, may Allah bring it back to you and all Iraqis with the good, peace and prosperity.

Every Year, everybody is fine.