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Saudi Arabia sets 72-hour deadline to return to Kingdom amid coronavirus fears

The Saudi government has given nationals and residents who wish to return to the Kingdom three days to make their journey from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, Saudi Arabia’s consulates at UAE announced on Tuesday.

Nationals can take Saudia flights from Dubai airport during the next three days. Alternatively, Saudis can enter through Al-Batha border checkpoint near Abu Dhabi.

Nationals leaving from Bahrain, can travel through the King Fahd bridge. Those without a means for transport can take Gulf Air flights.

Meanwhile, the embassy in Egypt announced that flights between the two countries will resume on March 10 and 11 to allow Saudis to return to the Kingdom.

Rescheduling will be free of charge, the embassy added.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 10 March 2020 09:55 AM