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Kurds to Assad: We Are Syrians, Our Roots Are Here

Head of Syria's regime Bashar al-Assad said there was no Kurdish issue in the country, sparking a wave of widespread condemnation among Kurdish officials and citizens. The issue went viral on social media pushing many individuals to share documents and evidence to prove their origin.

“Regarding the so-called ‘Kurdish issue’, there is nothing called a ‘Kurdish issue’ in Syria for a simple reason: Kurds have been living in Syria throughout history but some Kurdish groups who live in the north came to Syria during the last century due to Turkish government oppression,” Assad told Rossiya-24 in an interview aired earlier on Thursday.

The Kurdish Progressive Party in Syria denounced Assad's statements, saying the Kurdish issue is historic and no one has the right to deny it because it affects the lives of 3 million citizens.

For its part, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria also criticized Assad's approach and language against the Kurds.

"Assad's most recent statements testify to the regime's lack of interest in dialogue and hamper the search for a solution to the crisis," it said in an official statement.

Also, in response to the accusations of separatism raised by Assad, it added: "The autonomous administration calls on the regime to take a look at the recent past and see how areas of the North and East Syria fought for the country's unity and diversity."

Ahmed Suleiman, a senior member of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party said Assad's statements were widely rejected by Kurds and have made Russian-mediated political negotiations between the regime and the Kurds more complicated after it witnessed some progress.

Last month, Damascus agreed to political dialogue with guarantees from Moscow to hold negotiations with Kurds. However, no formal talks were held between the regime and Kurdish officials.

Commenting on the issue, Head of the Democratic Union Party Anwar Muslim said: "While we affirm that our people never posed a threat to Syria's unity, we call on the regime to look more thoroughly and see who's dividing and messing with Syria's geography."