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Iranian Official Warns: 40% of Tehran’s Population May Contract Coronavirus

An Iranian official warns that some 40% of Tehran’s population may contract the Coronavirus in the course of the two coming weeks.

The Iranians crowd the health centers across the country as panic erupted owing to the deadly virus.

One infected person is able to transmit the virus to four other people at the same time,” said Massoud Mardani, a member of the Iranian government committee to combat the Coronavirus.

He expected that 40 percent of Tehran’s population will be infected with the virus within the two coming weeks.

Mardani made clear that a large number of the  Iranians consult the health centers and hospitals when they feel infected with the regular flu. They fear of contracting the Coronavirus.

“Those people should pay attention to the necessity of receiving treatment at home instead of going to hospitals in these circumstances,” he said.

He went on to say if the patient feels three specific symptoms such as dry and irritating cough, high temperature above 39 C  in addition to shortness of breath, then he is infected with the coronavirus and not the regular flu.

The patient must be transferred to the hospital and subjected to quarantine.

He affirmed that children under the age of ten enjoy natural and effective immunity from coronavirus because they have a strong immune system and are less likely to die. ”

The population of the Iranian capital, Tehran, and its outskirts house about 12 million people.

The infections and deaths are currently concentrated in the capital, at a greater rate.

On the other اand, Hussein Salami, Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps ( IRGC) in Iran said today that the Coronavirus sweeping in the country may be a US biological attack that hit China first then Iran and the whole world later.

He added that Iran will come over that deadly virus, asserting that the country is engaging in biological warfare now.