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Salih, ICP, Islamic Virtue Party discuss efforts to choose PM


As a part of his consultations and his meetings with the leaders of the political blocs and parties, President Barham Salih met in Baghdad with the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP), Raid Fahmi and Secretary-General of the Islamic Virtue Party, Abd al-Hussein al Musawi.

Together, they discussed efforts being exerted to pick a new Prime Minister who would be acceptable to the Iraqi people.

Constitutional context and timings which set forth in the constitution are considered as fundamental, they also highlighted.

All sides confirmed that it would be necessary to form an interim Government working to meet entitlement reform in addition to create conditions for holding free and fair elections which reflect Iraqis' will and aspirations for having a free and decent life.

The meeting covered the general situations prevailing in the country as well as the importance of boosting the political dynamics to pull the country out of the current crisis.

 Therefore, it is necessary to join forces, and national interest should be given precedence over any other consideration.