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Chinese envoy calls for "good atmosphere" for political dialogue in Iraq

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China's UN envoy on Tuesday called for a "good atmosphere" to be created for political dialogue and national reconciliation in Iraq.

Speaking at a Security Council meeting on the unrest-torn country, Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN, said as the internal political process in Iraq is at an important juncture, the international community should support Iraq in independently managing its own internal affairs and responding to the challenges by playing a constructive role and creating an enabling environment.

"We are firmly against interference in Iraq's internal affairs," he said, adding any military action on Iraq's territory must be subject to the consent of the government of the country to avoid Iraq becoming a victim of geo-politics.

He said engaging in peaceful and meaningful dialogue toward inclusive reconciliation and harmonious coexistence is in the fundamental interest of the Iraqi people.

"We welcome further improvement of relations between the central government of Iraq and the Kurdistan regional government as well as their continuation of communication and dialogue on oil revenue sharing and security arrangements," he said.

Moreover, Zhang urged the international community to consolidate the achievements in counterterrorism and safeguarding national security, noting Iraq has made great sacrifice for the international cause of counterterrorism.

He warned that the threat of remnant forces of terrorism still remains and the disposal of foreign terrorist fighters and their families is in urgent need of support from more parties.

In this regard, he called on international community to fully respect Iraq's sovereignty and jurisdiction, and support Iraq in bringing terrorists to justice and in preventing the return and spread of terrorist forces and activities.