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Iraq parliament postpones confidence vote over Allawi gov't again


Iraqi parliament postpones its emergency session to vote on Iraqi PM-designated Allawi’s cabinet for one and half an hour and will resume the session at 6:00 pm, as the quorum is still less than its legal framework.


Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi said that the crunch vote, which had already been delayed last week for lack of a quorum, would now be held on Sunday.

Midnight Sunday is the deadline for lawmakers to end the political vacuum and agree on a new government or see President Barham Salih designate a premier unilaterally.

Failure to go ahead with the vote could also trigger a call for mass protests from cleric Moqtada Sadr, whose supporters form the largest bloc in parliament and who has demanded that lawmakers approve Allawi's government.

Allawi is struggling to secure support from the country's Sunnis and Kurds.
Iraq has been without a government since Allawi's predecessor Adel Abdel Mahdi quit under pressure from the street two months ago.
Demonstrators have already rejected the choice of Allawi for premier, saying he is too close to the confessional political system they have rallied against for months.