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KRG shuts down 13 pharmacies, stores for hiking face mask prices


The Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Health on Saturday announced that one of its mobile teams had closed a number of medical stores and pharmacies in Erbil for "manipulating" the prices of highly sought-after medical products, including face masks as demand dramatically rose for them in response to the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus that began in China.

The team has closed “twelve medical stores and one pharmacy,” said the ministry, for increasing prices and manipulating medical supplies in the capital of the Kurdistan Region.

The announcement also mentions that the team will continue to check prices in pharmacies and medical centers to prevent such manipulation and called on the general public to report any pharmacies or medical stores that are seen not adhering to official local prices set for medicines and medical needs.

This comes after the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has been confirmed to have killed five people in neighboring Iran. The total number of confirmed infections in Iran has reached to 28 cases, according to the state media.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has taken precautionary measures on its borders with Iran to prevent the coronavirus from entering the Kurdistan Region that includes a temporary ban on Iranian tourists.