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First 200 people coming from Iran to be quarantined in Kurdistan, fearing Coronavirus


The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has started to quarantine 200 people coming from neighboring Iran, as coronavirus has so far killed four individuals in the country.

In remarks, Sirwan Hussein, a spokesperson for Hajiomran border crossing, said those who returned for Iran underwent through tightened medical checks before they were transferred to a general hospital in Soran district, Erbil province.

According to a statement by the director of the hospital, the people will be kept in quarantine in two hotels for 14 days.

In related news, Kirmanj Ezzat, mayor of Soran said in a statement that they have, cooperatively with the ministries of interior and health as well as Erbil governorate, have made all preparations to receive those Kurdish people who are planning to return to the Kurdistan Region.

Last Modified: Sunday، 23 February 2020 01:24 AM