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ISCI leader Hakim fails to promulgate his initiative for Iraq political settlement

Iraqi National Alliance Leader Ammar al-Hakim
After feeling despair in seeking a support from the Shiite sects, Iraqi PrimeMinister Haidar al-Abadi along with Sadrist Movement Leader Moqtada al-Sadr on his national political settlement, Head of the Iraqi National Alliance Ammer al-Hakim works on finding out other routes to approve his draft for national settlement in Iraq.

Ammar al-Hakim, a junior Shia cleric, who leads one of Iraq's most influential Shia groupings, The Islamic Supreme Council Iraq (ISCI), met Jan Kubis, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq for talks on the issue.

In a press statement on his recent tour in the region to gain support for his initiative, Hakim said he has recently made visits to Jordan, Iraq and is planning to pay a visit to Kurdistan Region to promulgate for his political settlement initiative in Iraq. He also called for holding a public conference for the Sunnis in order to form a negotiation committee for the post-Daesh era that could be approved by all parties and gain a consensus.

The UN envoy for his part called for garnering up a regional support for the settlement drat and intensifying dialogues among all Iraqi powers to render a success for such initiative.

Parties in the Iraqi National Alliance have asserted that there are wide differences on the settlement project with al-Dawa Party and the Sadrist Trend as well as the Kurds. In the meantime, Sunnis are still wavering on making any decision as a result of a clash of influence and conflicts to gain power.