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Nineveh former governor: Iraq needs new pattern of cooperation to fight ISIS

Former Nineveh Governor Atheel al-Najaifi
Nineveh former governor Atheel al-Najaifi  on Wednesday asserted that Iraq was in dire need of a new pattern of cooperation with neighboring countries in order to guarantee its security against ISIS threats.

In a press statement, Najaifi said the arrest of the terrorist leader “Abu Osama” in Turkey and his extradition to Iraq has given a simple evidence on the importance of Iraqi-Turkish cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Iraq should intensify its security coordination with its neighbors namely; Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia which are certainly aware of the extent of dangers posed by Daesh or ISIS on its regimes, security and safety of its citizens, he noted.

Terrorism has destroyed the Sunni, Kurdish, Shiite cites alike, Najaifi said, adding that the tragedy and bitter experience the Iraqis have gone through necessitated working out solutions to secure the Iraqi citizens and halt their bloodshed away from any conspiracy scenarios. 

Iraqi forces have launched fresh attacks against so-called Islamic State (IS) in Mosul, pushing into several eastern neighbourhoods.

It is the second phase of an offensive on the last major stronghold of IS in Iraq, which began in October.

The US-led coalition said Iraqi forces had advanced in three directions and opened two new fronts in the city.

The fresh offensive put pressure on the IS group's "ability to generate forces, move fighters or resupply", it said.

It also admitted that a coalition attack may have caused civilian casualties during an air strike in a hospital car park.