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Iraq-designated PM to meet Kurdistan Delegation Today

Iraqi-designated Prime Minister Mohammed Allawi is set to meet a delegation from Kurdistan Region in Baghdad today.

Mohammed Ilkhani, a member of the Kurdish negotiating team, said that they will put forward Kurdistan’s vision for the new cabinet which the PM-designate is about to form.

Among other demands, the Kurdish delegation are asking for the right to designate their representatives for the next government of Iraq.

Kurdistan’s budget, oil, disputed areas, and Peshmerga salaries are also to be discussed with Allawi, Ilkhani said.

According to the information obtained by BasNews, the delegation includes all major factions of Kurdistan Region: Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Change Movement (Gorran), Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), as well as representatives for Turkmens and Christians.