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Tehran's scenarios in response to Russia's political solution in Syria

Mullah's regime troops
After Moscow's plan to remove Bashar Al Assad from power and dominate Syria, the Mullah's regime is now thinking about a way to keep Iranian militias in the Arab country.

In doing so, the Mullah's regime has three scenarios; the first one is to maintain Iran's ties with Russia and stop annoying Russian President Vladimir Putin. But how come after Iran paid nearly 30 billion dollars and lost 10,000 Iranian soldiers in Syria's fight?!!

The second scenario is to pick Syrian agents from the Alawite community and supporters of Bashar Al Assad to help the Mullah's regime take control of the vital institutions in the country after the removal of Assad from power. 

Experts told The Baghdad Post that a meeting between Foreign Minister of the Syrian regime Walid al-Muallem, head of Syria’s National Security Bureau Ali Mamlouk and Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani was held to detect who can cooperate with the Mullah's regime in the coming period, especially among the Shiites.

The third scenario is to order Iranian militias to hide for months and spread out throughout the country. Later on, those militias will appear again but as terrorists to fight Russia's presence in Damascus.

Iran, in fact, does not mind launching Vietnam II War against Russia to maintain its presence in Syria. Thus, Moscow and Ankara will be forced to allow Iran to be present in Syria; otherwise, their presence in the Arab country will be endangered.
Last Modified: Monday، 02 January 2017 04:24 PM