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Three Kurdish Men Freed from IS after Families Paid Huge Ransom

Two Kurdish men were rescued from the grip of the Islamic State (IS) after their families paid a huge ransom.

A Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) representative in Tuz Khurmatu told BasNews that Walid Farhad and Zana Mohammed were abducted by the IS militants five months ago.

He said the families of the abductees paid $80,000 in ransom to bring the men home safely.

On 4th September 2019, Walid and Zana were fixing their car which had broken down on the road between Tuz Khurmatu and Daquq when the IS militants abducted them.

Elsewhere in Qaratapa district, south of Kirkuk, another abductee was freed from IS. His family reportedly had to pay $50,000 in ransom to save Qahtan Adnan.

A local official told BasNews that Adnan was among the eight people whom were abducted on 30 January at a fake checkpoint set by the IS militants on the road between Qaratapa and Kirfri.