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IMIS exercises near Iraq-Saudi borders evidence of Iran's schemes in region

IMIS militias
The sectarian Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) conducting of maneuvers near the Iraq-Saudi borders have given a clear evidence that  the Iranian schemes in the region are precisely being carried out, according to Dr Hilal el-Delimi, a political writer and analyst

Interviewed by Al-Rafidien TV, Delimi said the militias, which are Iran's arms to implement the Mullah regime's schemes outside Iraq under the pretext of combating terrorism and amid international silence over the crimes committed by such militias against Sunnis, are rapidly working hard to put into effect the Iranian schemes to hegemonize the region.

He said the muscle flexing of Iran on the Saudi borders have become a direct threat to the Saudi Kingdom and all Arabs, pressing the need for working out permanent solutions before such militias would extend their power to other countries as they have already done in Syria and Iraq.

Delimi urged Arabs to work on fighting what he termed as "cancer" and "epidemic" spread by Iran before extending to the whole Arab nation's body.

Iran's sectarian militias have conducted military drills near the Iraqi-Saudi borders, which are the first of its kind since its formation in 2014. The drills were launched in the southern desert of Anbar and reached to areas close to the Saudi borders.