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Facebook closes Baghdad Post page, obstructs anti-terror battle

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Although the Facebook administration has always claimed it rejects violence and racism, as part of its basic terms, it has closed many pages promoting counter-terrorism efforts, including that of the Iraqi renowned newspaper, The Baghdad Post.

The Baghdad Post has dedicated its time to expose the crimes of the terrorist groups and Iranian militias including tge IRGC that call themselves the "elite" forces in Iran. IRGC is believed to be backing all militias loyal to Iran in Iraq, most notably IMIS.

Slamming those militias and battling them on Social Media is one of the most prominent battles worldwide and Social Media, including Facebook, is required to defend those who are exposing the crimes committed by Iranian and Iran-backed militias rather than closing and banning them multiple times under the pretext of being "against our community!"

Instead, the Facebook continues to ban The Baghdad Post Facebook page, while allowing Iran-backed accounts to promote bloodshed and back terrorism worldwide.

By banning the pages and people criticizing Iran and reporting their destructive wrongdoings worldwide, the Facebook contributes to defending the militias, which the US considers their main backer, IRGC, as terrorist.
Last Modified: Thursday، 13 February 2020 07:59 PM