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ISIS militants attack Kurdish village, kill father and son, injure 10

The terrorist ISIS group attacked a Kurdish village on the outskirt of Khanaqin, one of the disputed Kurdish town in Diyala province, killing two civilians and injuring 10 others, including security personnel.

According to the information obtained by the Baghdad Post from local sources, a group of IS militants opened fire at a vehicle just outside Taza Bahar overnight on Wednesday, killing its two passengers, reportedly a father and his son.

Taza Bahar is a Kurdish village populated by religious minority known as Kakais.

Following the attack, villagers rushed to the area to help the victims, but they were fired at by the jihadists, a source said. At least six villagers were injured.

As the situation went dire, security forces were called in to protect the village. They were attacked by a roadside bomb planted by IS. The blast injured at least four security personnel.

IS has recently increased its activities in certain areas of Iraq, especially in the areas disputed between Erbil and Baghdad, which still remain under the control of the Iraqi armed forces but are struggling with security.