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Iraq denies claims that France, Germany and Australia requested to withdraw troops


The Iraqi Joint Operations Command on Sunday denied a claim by a member of its security and defense committee that France, Germany and Australia requested to withdraw their troops out of Baghdad.

The office of Badr Al Ziyadi told The Baghdad Post on Monday that Paris, Berlin and Canberra had officially submitted a letter to set a timetable for the exit of their troops.

“Their request has been to set up a timetable for the withdrawal of their troops. The next government will take the responsibility of setting the timetable and the exit strategy for foreign troops.”

But Major General Tahsin Al Khafaji, the spokesperson of the Joint Operations Command, denied Mr Al Ziyadi’s claim that the three nations had submitted any such request.

There was no immediate confirmation of the verbal request from Paris, Berlin or Canberra, and the proposed timetable for the withdrawal remains unknown. The National has contacted the French, German and Australian foreign ministries for comment.

Germany has a training mission in the country and its Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer visited Baghdad on January 15 in a surprise visit to meet with Iraqi military chiefs amid uncertainty over Berlin’s military presence in the country.

Speculation about the presence of foreign militaries in Iraq comes at a time of heightened tensions between the US and Iran. Those have centred on Iraq after the assassination of Qassem Suleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, last month in a drone strike at Baghdad International Airport.

The killing prompted mass protests and revenge attacks against US bases in the country. The US and protesters have for months railed against Iran’s growing influence in Baghdad.


Suleimani is believed to have ordered the brutal crackdown on protesters that massed in Baghdad and in southern cities that threatened the rule of the government.

The Iraqi parliament voted last month to call for the withdrawal of US forces from the country. Germany said it would reduce its troop numbers in Iraq for security reasons following the death of Suleimani. Canada said it would move some of its 500 troops out of Iraq and relocate them to Kuwait.

The US sent a letter to the Iraqi military joint operations command last month concerning a possible withdrawal of its troops from the country, but it did not state that all of its troops would be immediately withdrawn.



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