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US, UK Condemn Attacks on Turkish Forces in Syria's Idlib

The United States and the United Kingdom have both condemned an attack by the Syrian regime on the Turkish forces which killed several soldiers.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the bombardments in the rebel-held province of Idlib and reaffirmed US' support for Turkey in the region.

"The United States once again condemns the continued, unjustifiable, and ruthless assaults on the people of Idlib," Pompeo said in a statement, as cited by Reuters.

"We stand by our NATO ally Turkey in the aftermath of the attack, which resulted in the death of multiple Turkish personnel serving at an observation post used for coordination and de-escalation, and fully support Turkey’s justified self-defense actions in response."

Meanwhile, UK Foreign Office minister Andrew Morrison denounced the attacks in Idlib which resulted in the killing of seven Turkish soldiers and one civilian.

"I condemn the Assad regime's attacks in Idlib today and the unacceptable loss of life of Syrian civilians and Turkish soldiers," Morrison wrote on Twitter.

He further urged the Syrian regime to "to adhere to agreed ceasefires and take urgent action to deescalate tensions."

The situation in the Syrian rebel-held areas has dramatically deteriorated as the regime and Russia have both intensified their bombardments in the region, while Turkey has lately sent reinforcements to border with Syria.