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Iraqi people denounces UN statement welcoming Allawi as new PM


The press release issued by the UN representative to Iraq, which welcomed the militia man Mohamed Allawi as prime minister, raised controversy over the maleficent role played by the UN in the inauguration of Mohamed Allawi.


Activists said that the Iraqi people and protesters in the squares know the dimensions of such deal and what happened during the meetings held in this regard, adding that the leftist wing, which control the UN, is involved in all such deals in Iraq. They also said that the people will remember their sabotage role played over the past years to bring the Islamists affiliated to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.


Such a crime committed against the Iraqi people, the revolutionaries and the martyrs across the squares in Iraq will not be forgotten or forgiven.


The activists also accused the UN envoy to Iraq Jeanine-Hennis Plascheart of hiding the truth in the report showed to the UN about the protests in Iraq, adding that she tried through her reports at the Security Council to allow space for international intervention within Iraq. They also indicated that the reports ignored many truths that should be clarified to the world, especially those related to the martyrs and the wounded.


The UN envoy, according to the activists, is trying to grant regional and international parties the pretext for intervention in Iraq regarding the selection of the new prime minister, which is a maleficent role that many countries want to play seriously.


The UN mission in Iraq welcomed the designation of Mohamed Tawfiq Allawi as prime minister and urged him to carry out the required reform, adding that the UN will continue its support to the Iraqi people and government.


In a statement on Saturday, the envoy urged Allawi to expedite the essential steps for reform and the legislative demands of justice and accountability.


She said the new PM faces a difficult mission, which is forming a cabinet quickly to be ratified by the parliament to take steps toward the reform and hence meet demands of the people.


She also considered that the commitments mentioned in the PM’s statement meets many of the protesters demands, adding that the Iraqi people will eventually get lead of the country through outcome and accomplishments.