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Allawi, Abdul Mahdi: same start and probably same fate

After a long period of deadly protests and in an apparent negligence to the demands of Iraqi protesters, a new prime minister has been named to form the transitional government, which is supposed to prepare for early, fair and transparent elections.

The appointment of Mohammed Allawi was the product of many back-room talks over months between rival parties who failed to name a prime minister during the constitutional time frame.

Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, in his first speech to the Iraqi people, gave a series of pledges that need at least six years to be fulfilled especially in light of the growing influential parties, armed militias and Iranian flagrant interference in Iraq’s internal affairs.

Allawi and his predecessor Adil Abdul Mahdi were nominated by the Shiite community. Both of them gained also the support of Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr, and head of Al-Fatih Coalition Hadi al-Amiri, according to confirmed sources.

Meanwhile, the political analyst Wathiq Al-Hashemi confirmed that the Kurds also approved the appointment of Allawi, provided that the privileges they enjoyed under Abdul-Mahdi’s era are maintained.

But there is a fundamental difference between Allawi and Abdul Mahdi, as the latter was rejected and compelled to resign after a year in office, while the former has been announced as persona non grata, only few minutes after his assignment.

Last Modified: Sunday، 02 February 2020 06:41 PM