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Thousands of Iraqis join protests despite Moqtadr Al-Sadr asking them to go home

Thousands of Iraqis on Sunday faced down live gunfire as they poured into the streets of Baghdad in defiance of calls by powerful cleric Moqtadr Al-Sadr to stay home.

Throngs of students marched past the Ministry of Education and onto the capital’s Tahrir Square in solidarity with those who have been camped out for the past three months as anti-government demonstrations have paralysed the nation.

Many wore balaclavas or gas masks as they hurdled stones and Molotov cocktails at government forces, occasionally retreating in a frenzy as live fire crackled from the police positions.  

As they progressed through one of the city’s main tunnels, the chant “How could you [Al-Sadr'] leave us when the blood is still not cold?”, echoed off the concrete walls.