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Iraq, Italy sets strategy to end so-called 'imposition of wills'


In the Italian Capital, Rome, Saturday, President Barham Salih met with Italian PM Giuseppe Conte. 

Salih and the Italy's Prime Minister discussed regional and international situation and the crises witnessed by the region. 


Despite being widely objected, Salih and Conte stressed the need to oust foreign troops from the country, who are fighting ISIS.

Dimensions of Iraqi Parliament's decision on ending the presence of foreign troops in the country as well as the importance of boosting Iraq's stability and respecting its sovereignty and its independent decision as well, they reviewed.

The President emphasized that Iraq's eagerness to build balanced relationships based on giving priority to the high national interest in all decisions. Therefore, political pressures, a policy of diktat and imposition of wills are categorical rejected. 

The sovereignty and stability should be respected in accordance with common interests among Iraq, neighbours and friendly states and in line with the international partnerships. Achieving security and stability in Iraq is a decisive step to eradicate extremism and bring an end to conflict that may harm us all, he pointed out. 

The President indicated that bilateral relations have to be strengthened and prospects for cooperation have to be increased so as to serve the interest of the two countries, commended the positive role being played by Italy for supporting Iraq in various fields. 

Italy's Conte, in turn, affirmed Italy's earnest desire for supporting a sovereign, stable, and prosperous Iraq, stressed the necessity of stepping up international efforts to achieve peace and prevent escalation of tensions in the region. 

The importance of continuing coordination and cooperation in the war against terror, preventing the resurgence of terrorists which is not only a threat to the peoples of the region but also a threat to the international peace, security and stability, Conte added. 

The President arrived in Italy today after he had participated in the 50th annual meeting of WEF recently being concluded in the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland, Davos.


Meeting Foreign Minister


Salih also received in Rome, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Maio. 

Together, they discussed bilateral relations and ways to improve them in the interest of the two friendly countries.

The President stressed the need to respect Iraqi national sovereignty and parliament's decision on the presence of foreign troops in Iraq, at the same time, expressed words of thank for Italy's important contribution to the Global Coalition against ISIS.

The two leaders stressed the need to strengthen Iraq's stability and to work together to consolidate peace and security in Iraq and the region.