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Deaths Toll among Coronavirus Victims Rises to 41 in China

Up to 1,300 people across the globe have been diagnosed as health authorities struggle to avert a global pandemic. The number of people killed by the coronavirus has grown to 41, with the epidemic now spreading from China to another 11 countries.

A rise in the number of people infected to 1,287 announced by the Chinese National Health Commission.

All 41 coronavirus deaths have occurred in China, including 39 deaths in the Hubei province, the epidemic center, one in Hebei and one in Heilongjiang.

The virus was also found in the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, and France.

Around the planet, health authorities are working to avoid a global pandemic.

Australia Saturday announced three confirmed cases. One, a Chinese man in his 50s who returned from Wuhan on January 19, is in hospital stable condition.

France said three people fell ill with the virus-the first occurrence of the disease in Europe.

The US confirmed its second case, involving a 60-year-old Chicago woman hospitalized after returning from China.

Malaysia reported three cases, as well. Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad said the infected people were Chinese nationals connected to a 66-year-old man who was reported to have tested positive for the virus by Singapore’s health authorities.

Mr. Dzulkefly said the people were the wife of the 65-year-old man and his two grandsons, aged 11 and 12.

In the weeks since the coronavirus outbreak, medics are trying to trace 2,000 people who have flown from Wuhan to the UK.

According to China Global Television Network, Liang Wudong, a 62-year-old doctor at Hubei Xinhua Hospital who had been at the forefront of coronavirus outbreak, died of the virus.

It is uncertain if the official toll of 41 counts his death.

Transportation with 12 other cities in central Hubei province was shut down in Wuhan, the city with a population of 11 million where the outbreak occurred.

The unprecedented shutdown stopped 36 million people from traveling as China’s most celebrated holiday, the Lunar New Year, began on Saturday with a host of activities being canceled by authorities.

In the wake of the outbreak, Carrie Lam, the chief of Hong Kong, has also suspended all official New Year festivities in the city.

Worldwide airports have stepped up screening of Chinese passengers, although some health experts have questioned their effectiveness.

Hospitals in Wuhan were dealing with a flood of patients and scarcity of equipment, while online videos showed throngs of people in disorder as they were lined up for exams.

Others complained that members of the family were turned away at capacity hospitals.