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Russia Deploys S-400 Air System near Iraqi Border


The Russian Military has deployed its S-400 air defense system to an area close to the Qamishli Airport, near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

"The maximum detection range of the S-400 air defense radar at the Hmeimim Airbase is only 600 kilometers, which means that the Russian S-400 radar can only detect aircraft over most of the border between Iraq and Syria, but not over the border between Iraq and Iran," the Chinese publication Sohu said in a report.

"The most appropriate explanation is that the Russian Air Force sent the 96L6E radar, located at the Hmeimim Airbase, to the Qamishli Airbase in the northeast border region of Syria, which is only 100 kilometers from the Iraqi border."

The information was made available after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a press conference that his country's armed forces had tracked six F-35 fighter jets along the border between Iraq and Iran during Iran's missile attack on the US bases in Iraq, according to the publication.